P  ppyseed Pre-Nursery

                                      “where toddlers blossom”


Poppyseed Pre-Nursery

       424 West End Avenue @ 81st NYC 10024                   

  Phone: 212.877.7614   info@poppyseedprenursery.com

             Explore,  Discover,  Listen,  Learn,  Laugh

      March, skip, hop, run to Poppyseed Pre-Nursery, where babies, toddlers, twos and threes with Mommy or Daddy, Grandma, Grandpa or Nanny enjoy a fun-filled time of play. Choo, choo with our Brio trains, cruise around in our mini-cars, cut the pizza in our pretend kitchen, play the piano or ‘go shopping’ with your baby and stroller, read books and master our puzzles, ching ching our cash register or stroll around with a puppy-pull toy. Sing songs, paint pictures, dance to your delight, jump in the gym and make new friends!

                              Discover what makes Poppyseed special.


    Winner BLACKBOARD AWARD for Outstanding Teacher*

              *...praised on “THE TODAY SHOW”

  Arts & Socialization for Babies, Toddlers, Two’s - est. 1986 

           0PEN HOUSE - SUNDAY, APRIL 29, 10-3:30